ZinZig The Wine Tasting Board Game

ZinZig, the wine tasting and trivia game, is the newest board game to the market. What makes it special? The game was designed by wine lovers, for wine lovers. Drinking wine is a sensory experience and every aspect of the game was designed to replicate that.

The game will challenge both your mind and your palate. Compete individually or in teams against other players to taste your way to the winning winery on the center of the board.

Players begin the game with a wine tasting (so far so good right?). Every player will sample each type of wine and make notes of the varietal, the vintage, the region or country of origin, and the winery or vineyard. Players will be tested on this information throughout the game later. Each bottle is then covered with the included bottle covers before starting the game.

Throughout the game play, players will avert disasters, swap and steal resources, and test how much they really know about wine. With over 250 trivia questions and blind wine tasting cards, ZinZig can be played over and over again.

Players from any experience level can benefit from the wide range of trivia questions covering topics from pop culture, to the wine-making process, to famous varietals. So whether you’re a novice or a sommelier, we guarantee you’ll learn something new every time you play.

From the cork player pieces to the playful illustrations on the board, ZinZig makes wine fun and easy to not only enjoy, but also learn about, one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world.

Happy playing!

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