A Wine for Every Personality

What kind of wine do you fancy? And what does that say about you? Do you prefer Champagne or a Pinot? According to our favorite article this week, it speaks volumes about your personality. Well, that is not exactly what the article says, but we do think it says more about your personality than just whether you are impulsive or not. In fact, we can think of a host of personality topics – how serious you are, how organized you are, how much sass you have, etc., based on what you drink.
While it might not be true and you shouldn’t be judging people anyways, it’s still a fun game to play. We have heard of wine stores play around with this type of theme with their customers before and we think there are many fun ideas to be had. For instance, ask your customers what their favorite wine is and how it relates to a specific personality trait – if you hear something good, put it on the description of a specific wine along with it’s score and history. You can also create fun “wine personality” tests that your customers can take home, fill out, and bring back for a discount. During your next wine tasting, instead of having people describe what they are tasting (hints of cherry, etc.), ask them what personality does the wine represent. What do they think the wine screams? There are sure to be some hiarious comments that will make the crowd laugh out loud.
In fact, many of our products go along the lines of personality in wine. Our bag, “You Are What You Drink” is a top seller and I think it is because lots of people like to identify with what they eat, drink, and do.

And better yet, our What’s Your Vine? t-shirt line does just that – attaches funny personality quotes to a specific varietal of wine. “Mysterious, Seductive, and Difficult to Manage” is of course a Pinot Noir. If you take a look at page 94 and 95 of our new winter catalog, we have added some great new shirts with personality! Pick some shirts up and if you do, have your staff members wear them too so customers can enjoy and hopefully purchase one too.

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