Wine Travel Made Easy

The Bottle Bubble

As the snow starts to melt and people begin to come out of winter hibernation, it’s time to start preparing for tourists to start traveling again. Wine collectors everywhere will be purchasing bottle of wine to take home to remember their trips by. Whether it’s visiting a winery, or purchasing a hard to find bottle at a shop, tourists everywhere need to find a good way to bring home their purchase.

Before TSA restrictions were put in place, people could carry their wine on the plane. In today’s world, wine must be checked with luggage. However, airlines require that checked wine be sealed in a liquid tight container. True Fabrications has a solution to this security restriction. Wrapping your bottle in your clothes is both a risk for your clothing and against TSA rules. So, for customers traveling great distances, offer the Bottle Bubble as a solution to their transportation problems. Liquid tight via an adhesive seal and made from heavy duty bubble wrap, the single bottle and double bottle version will protect your customer’s wines all the way home.

We recommend checking out the bottle bubble for this spring and summer. It’s a great way to help your customers who need to travel with their wine.

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