Wine on Tap

Dear Retailers,

I went into my first wine bar recently and asked for a glass of wine.  The bartender then turned around and from a tap, poured me a great glass.  Yes, I said it, from a tap.  When I asked the bartender if it’s coming from a bottle of wine, he further shocked me by telling me its coming from a keg of wine.  He showed me the system and it works almost exactly like beer on tap except it uses nitrogen to push the wine out instead of carbon dioxide in beer taps.  That was the first time I had ever seen a wine tap and once I hopped onto the internet, I noticed that it seems to be a growing trend.
High end restaurants and wine bars are taking to the concept of wine on tap.   We posted about this concept in 2009 but this is the first time I have seen it in use.  You can go back and read an article from the NY Times here which brings up all the benefits of the system.  As the article points out, it not only successfully preserves the wine, but with a keg system, it does prevent unnecessary waste created through bottles in a restaurant/bar setting.  Preservation of bottles has always come in all shapes and in sizes from vacuum pumps to spray bottles.   So the fact that it preserves and reduces waste is not what strikes me as interesting.  Although I assume if you go through lots of bottles of wine, this would be a great space, time, and money saver for you.

What’s more interesting is that if this concept catches on, it might change the way I order wine in bars.  As an simple example, I typically think of beer on tap and beer in bottles as slightly different.   For some reason, I enjoy tap beer more when I’m in a bar setting.   I always perceive tap beer as colder, fresher, and just tasting better.   I asked a few friends and they agree with that.  Tap beer just feels more refreshing in the end when compared to the same beer cold out of a bottle.

Just a thought, but when offered a wine pour from a bottle or from a tap, do you think people will begin creating distinctions?   Do customers feel a little weary when getting poured a glass from an already open bottle of wine?


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