More Interesting Ways to Review Wine

As merchants, it’s important for us all to remember that not only are people changing the way they purchase products (i.e. online), but they’re also changing what they’re buying. Consumers have a lot of information and a lot of choices — the easier and more memorable you can make the process of choosing wine, the better. Figure out new and interesting ways to showcase different wines other than the just tags on the bottle showing the points and the score. Your store should be a whole different way of helping the consumer than what they can find online (notes, reviews, etc.) Make it fun and personable…what favorite novel does this wine remind you of? What quote reminds you of this wine? As a physical merchant, remember your competitive advantage is seeing, knowing, and engaging with the customer.
All this makes the consumer a little bit more relaxed, a little bit more engaged and little less overwhelmed with the choices…and much more likely to purchase your products.

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