True Sales Tip: Larger Bottles and Extra Tools

Packaging is changing everywhere in the wine industry. Everything from how to cork a bottle to how to store the wine. And now, how to sell it in a store. As you may or may not know, 3L bottles are increasing in sales during these times. But Red Truck is now taking it to another level.

Consumers searching for high quality wine in a creative, striking large format need look no further than Red Truck Wines’ new Mini-Barrel, set to launch early March, 2009 …” Read The Full Story Here

As the article above notes, people still love drinking but are finding new ways to do it, like buying wine in bulk, and enjoying it at home over a longer period of time. As you sell more larger bottles, keep in mind that more and more customers will need ways to perserve it for longer. It’s a great opportunity to introduce your customers to the functions of bottle stoppers and vacuum savers so they can preserve their wine longer.

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