True Fabrications Happenings: Make a Wish Foundation Gala

Henri and Nik had the pleasure of attending the Make-A-Wish Foundation Gala on Saturday as the representatives for True Fabrications. True Fabrications donated wine boxes and wine bags for their wine prize raffles and silent auction. The coordinators of the the Gala did a fantastic job. It was an amazing event both in its success as a fund raiser and also as a beautifully orchestrated event. The ballroom was gorgeous, the auction prizes were great, the volunteers were fun, and the children were inspirational!

One extremely successful silent auction event was their wall of wine. They deocrated a wall of wine with 150 bottles hidden inside some True Fabrications wine boxes. People that were interested would pay a fixed amount of money and pick out a box at random (without knowing what was inside). The wine was a surprise but it was a complete success. Both Henri and Nik got involved at the wall. Henri winning a very exciting 2005 Cakebread Cab, Nik did the same and won a less exciting bottle!

We just wanted to thank the Make-A-Wish Foundation for doing such great work in the community.

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