True Fabrications Adds Some Flavor

True Fabrications would like to welcome two new product lines to the catalog. We are very excited to carry Mama Lil’s products and Demitri’s bloody Mary seasonings and rimming salts.

Mama Lil’s peppers and relish are made from organically grown peppers from Washington State. Each type of pepper/relish features a distinct flavor profile as a result of their oils and spices. Mama Lil’s products are used regularly by many well respected restaurants across the Pacific Northwest. The creator of these peppers says they have a shelf life that can last for years. He believes “they hit their peak at 7 years in the jar. The true fabrications team had the opportunity to take these peppers home and try them out We were all very impressed with this product. We highly encourage giving these peppers/spreads a try. We would love to hear the recipe you created using these products.

Our second product, Demitri’s, is perfect for anyone who loves a good bloody mary. Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning is a concentrate seasoning that is added to tomato juice. Mixed with Vodka, Demitri’s makes an excellent bloody mary. These seasonings come if 4 different flavors: original, chilies & peppers, chipotle & habanero, and horseradish. We’ve been told Demitri’s makes a great rub/seasoning for barbecuing and grilling as well.

We are very eager to be carrying these products and introducing them to our customers.

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