The Younger Generation

How do you get more traffic into your store? Do you add new products frequently to keep inventory fresh? Offer large discounts? Stand a guy outside with a sign pointing people toward your business? Or, do you attempt to engage a larger audience? If you chose the last idea, you might be on to something that many in the wine business are slow to adopt. The millennial age group (21-35) is an often overlooked demographic by the wine industry. Counted as the second largest group of wine drinkers, (ages 55-64 comes in at #1) approaching and engaging the millennial generation is a great way to expand your customer base.

An article titled “Marketing Wine to the Next Generation” inspired this blog post. The post describes how perplexed, young people can become frustrated by wine and end up with a “screw it, let’s just get drunk” attitude.   To prevent this, a connection must be made with the younger consumer. To approach this group, “Good wine is not nearly enough, an experience must be provided as well”.

Does your business offer activities tailored for younger consumers? As a member of the wine and spirits industry, consider holding tastings targeted towards younger wine drinkers and apply your expertise by teaching wine basics. Helping them understand wine will allow them to appreciate the contents of their glass, and get them away from the “let’s get drunk attitude” Target the millennial age group in your advertisements and offer a discount to the young people that participate. Events offering musical entertainment and food are also a great way to engage the millennial demographic. Wine can be confusing, and working to make it as accessible as possible will allow you to capture this expanding group of wine drinkers. We would love to hear about any activities you’ve created to reach out to the millennial demographic of wine drinkers.

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