Self-Service Wine?

Dear Retailers,
You should definitely read this article on talking about self service wine stations in French grocery stores. Much like water filling stations in U.S. grocery stores, the self-service station allows for reusable containers to be filled by the shopper. Do you think this idea of self-service and personal containers could work in the U.S.?

The benefits of a machine like this are clear. Wine can be packaged for less money (no bottles and only one large container has to be shipped). By using less packaging and reusing personal bottles, this device could be marketed as good for the environment and better value for consumers.  This would make wine far less cost prohibitive. The availability of inexpensive wine might introduce more people to the joys of wine that would have seen it as too expensive, prior to the self-serve tanks.

I’m not sure if a device like this really could succeed in U.S. stores.  Americans like variety as is obvious with the number of wineries now offering their own vintages. These machines are limited in selection and likely quality. At the same time, a specialized, smaller store might be able to put this into use (think Trader Joe’s and two buck chuck). But, with all the varying laws and restrictions from state to state, this would take a long time to hit the stores. 

Whether you think its a silly gimmick or the way of the future, we would be curious to know what you think as a retailer.  Would you put this in your store?Cheers!
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