Recyclable and Reusable Wine Products

Dear Retailers,

To combat the ever increasing use of raw materials and the subsequent rise in prices for wine, one group in California is taking a page out of history. Returning to days past when milk bottles were collected, cleaned and reused, Wine Bottle Renew in Sonoma is trying to take the same approach by sanitizing and reusing wine bottles. The reuse of bottles is already practiced in other countries around the world. Both Canada and Denmark, among others, have adopted the process for their beer industries. For more on this story, see the following article.

We at True Fabrications have found recycled products made from wine barrels and wine bottles to be extremely popular.  Our line of glassware made from recycled wine bottles (including a wine glass, beer glass, and tumbler) are a fantastic opportunity to cross sell with organic wines.  True Fabrications also has an exquisite line of handmade  recycled wine barrels products including serving plates, cheeseboards, candelabras, wine racks, and even our newest dog bed!

As recycling and reusing items becomes more fashionable, businesses have found great success in carrying recycled or reused products. Whether you’re making something new out of recycled material, or rebuilding something out of an old product, recycled items are an easily marketable line of products that every store should take advantage of. From lower prices, to environmental benefits, we think recycled and reused products are great for the retail floor.


True Fabrications.

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