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In an effort to make True Fabrications a one stop wine/bar accessory stop for retailers, we are constantly trying to add to our catalog of new products. We have a great product team that is always looking for something new to offer our customers. After all, our goal is to create an easy, hassle free shopping experience that allows you to spend less time thinking about accessories while at the same time allowing you to continually increase your earnings via our growing line of products. As our catalog continues to grow, certain sections can sometimes be overlooked. We wanted to take a moment to highlight the books within the True catalog.

Whether you are a newcomer to the world of wine looking to learn the basics, a foodie trying to find the best wine or beer for their meal, a home-mixologist wanting to recreate your favorite bar drinks, or you just want to know more about craft beer, we have the books for your customers. Offering books to your customers is just one more resource you can provide to people as they learn more about the expansive beverage world. As with any accessory, it’s also a great way to bring extra income into your store. Although the books we offer are all hand-picked, we wanted to highlight a few for your attention.

For those looking to learn more about wine, Karen MacNeil’s Wine Bible is one of the most read guides for all things wine. We high recommend this book to anyone looking to discover everything wine has to offer.

If you’re looking to dive a little deeper into wine, Consider John Hudelson’s Wine Faults. This book will explain the problems and complications that can arise in wine.

Finally, have you ever planned a meal and then been unsure about your wine/beer pairing? What to Drink With What You Eat tackles the world of beverage pairing with ease, featuring over 300 pages of pairing advice.

Our books make great gifts while providing interested customers with more information about the beverages they love. Consider bringing in a title or two to your store.

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