Attracting anywhere from 5 to 6 million visitors each year to Munich, Germany, Oktoberfest was officially the world’s largest fair in 2012.

Oktoberfest was originally the celebration of a Bavarian royal Wedding in 1810. It became an annual tradition as a result of the immense amount of people who congregated and rejoiced with the family.

Oktoberfest was originally celebrated with an annual horse-race, and evolved into amusement rides, including the first horse carrousel, local vendors and street performers.  Drawing in more and more individuals each year, Oktoberfest continued to progress appealing to many different cultures.

Currently in Munich, Oktoberfest is a 16 day festivity, celebrated this year from September 22 to October 7.  The festivities began with a parade led by the mayor throughout the fairgrounds to the tapping of the first beer keg.  The ceremonial tapping of the first beer keg is the official start to Oktoberfest.  Promptly done at noon, the keg was tapped and everyone shouted O’zapft is! (“It’s tapped!”).

Best known for the array of beer tents, all beers served at Oktoberfest were about 6% alcohol, brewed within the Munich city limits. Oktoberfest also entertained guests with amusement rides, performers, vendor booths with gastronomic delights and customary garments worn by many.

Munich will forever host the original and most traditional Oktoberfest, but is now imitated by over 100 countries, and is celebrated in different ways all over the world.

Is there an Oktoberfest near you?

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