New Items!

We recently launched some new wine accessories and over the next 20 days will be launching another 40 new summer items! It is no coincidence that when we advertise our new products, sales of those items increase as customers want to give them a try. When we send you our catalogs in the mail, we alert you to what new items we have added as well.
In the same manner, retail stores benefit greatly by featuring and advertising new wines and products. I walked into a grocery store the other day and was in the soup aisle and noticed that there was a sign that said “new item”. It caught my attention and I checked it out. It’s that simple. Retailers can capture the attention of customers a few ways – good displays, price drops, and featured items. Don’t forget new item signage can really enhance sales of products and encourage your customers to purchase a broader range of items.
With our new products, we want to encourage you experiment with them. Some will work, some won’t, and some will be incredible. Our goal is and always has been for you to find the right product mix that works in your store. If you ever find yourself purchasing a product form us that just doesn’t sell, let us know and we’ll give you credit to try something else. We have our 100% satisfaction guarantee to inspire you to try new products. After all, without constantly changing your wine accessory product line, you’ll never come across that one product that just happens to fill your customers needs.
Speaking of new products, take a look at what they are doing in England. It’s bound to make its way to our shores soon.

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