Introducing Variable Aeration with HOST!

True Fabrications is thrilled to announce our new unique partnership with Seattle-based engineering and design firm, HOST Studios. HOST’s release of their first product, the Deluxe Aerator & Pourer, which boasts instant variable aeration, has already been a smash hit. We unveiled HOST two weeks ago at IHA’s International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago to a great response. With its delightfully gift-oriented packaging and incredible performance, no oenophile can go wrong with this item.

 We have had the pleasure of testing out this variable aerator first hand. Verdict? It delivers. Pour with a shallow tilt, which is perfect for lighter bodied reds, and taste your red wines open up slightly. Tilt a little more and be amazed as your robust reds instantly relax and go down smoother. We have even noticed an improvement in white wines at the steeper tilts. The beauty of this device is that you can perfectly aerate any glass of wine to your individual preference with every pour.

 How does this magic work? It’s called the Venturi Effect. As the wine flows through the device, a drop in pressure causes the wine to speed up and pull air in with it. Air mixes with the wine, resulting in instant decanting. HOST Studios scientifically measured the amount of oxygenation delivered by this aerator. Using the same methods as industry leading wine makers, they measured the amount of oxygen added to each glass of wine for each tilt setting. Coupled with extensive taste tests, they were able to determine which tilt angles are perfect for each wine varietal.

 See for yourself—hurry and be among the first to order HOST’s Deluxe Aerator & Pourer.


Deluxe Aerator & Pourer


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