WISE Study: Sales Tips for your Wine Store or Tasting Room

Dear Retailer,

We recently received a newsletter e-mail from Wines & Vines featuring some interesting tasting room statistics produced by The WISE Academy. We thought we’d pass them along to you as you will probably find them interesting and relevant to your store or tasting room. From 500 anonymous tasting rooms and shops surveyed, “only 40% of tasting room professionals ask for the sale”. This means 60% of visitors are slipping by. Consider how many missed sales opportunities are occurring due to a lack of closing on sales.

The newsletter also included four interesting sales ideas. 1st: Focus on local items. Customers love items that are specific to a region, especially if they are traveling and feel this in the only place it is available. 2nd: Make stock look abundant. According the newsletter, thin stock looks picked over and abundance of products will pull people in. 3rd: keep track of sales performance by non-wine items and clear out the poor sellers by lowering prices and consider moving the top sellers up a dollar. After all, accessories are a great way to gain a 100% return on your investment if you have a good seller. Finally, if you want to move accessories, foods and other non-wine items, make a display in the middle of a walk way that slows people down. As the article said, “items in the shadows, stay in the shadows”.

Consider these stats and ideas as you plan for the fall and winter. Have a great weekend!


True Fabrications

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