How to Store Wine: A Refresher on Proper Storage

Proper storage is essential for getting the most out of your wine. Whether you have a cellar in your basement, or just a few bottles in the pantry, taking good care of your wine will allow you to get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of each bottle.

There are a few basics to remember when storing wine long term. First, make sure your wine is kept in a dark area. Too much exposure to light can be damaging to wine. This same effect is true for beer. Next, make sure the selected dark space is cool and climate regulated. Wine stored in an area that is too warm can be problematic. True Fabrications recommends avoiding kitchens, laundry rooms, or any other space that can be heated up by appliance usage.  While dark and cool is good for wine, make sure the storage space does not get too humid. Humidity can cause mold to grow, ruining the flavor of the wine. If you own an extensive cellar, consider a device that controls the humidity in the room. This will help to fight off mold growth.

StorVino Wine Storage by True Fabrications

Next, make sure your bottles with real corks are stored on their sides. Wines that are stored upright for long periods can be affected by dry corks. If a cork dries up, it can let too much oxygen into the bottle, ultimately causing the wine to go bad. Once you’ve found the ideal space, consider a way to store your wine. Try the Storvino Modular & Transportable Storage System to let your wine rest. These six-bottle, U.S.-made crates snap together and can either be stacked up to create a large rack, or taken apart to be used as six-bottle crates for easy transportation.

Once you’ve found a good place to store your wine, consider how you want to organize it. Make sure to keep notes as to what wine is being stored in your cellar. Keeping notes will allow you to enjoy each wine’s peak drinking window. Consider cellar tags for easy viewing and a program like Cellar Tracker to keep tabs of your wine. Cellar Tracker allows you to keep track of your collection, while giving you each wine’s optimum drinking window.

Whether your collection has 10 bottles or 10,000 bottles, storing your wine correctly is the best way to enjoy each bottle to its fullest.

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