How to Preserve Your Cooking Wine

Before we dive into this discussion, we must first make a distinction between American cooking wine, and wine used for cooking. Cooking wine in the U.S. often has salt added to the wine to help extend the shelf life. However, this same salt will also add extra salt to your meal. To cook with regular wine, people often choose a bottle that is past its prime. This wine can act as a sort of vinegar to cook with. If you’ve ever made it through half a bottle of wine and then returned a few days later to find your bottle of red smelling more like vinegar than cherry with tobacco notes, this would be the perfect time to use your wine for cooking.

Wine’s varying complexity in flavor profile and sugar levels work well with a variety of dishes and recipes. To preserve your vino for cooking, the next step is trying to figure out the perfect way to keep flies out, and safely store your wine to prevent spills until you’re ready to cook. Heat tends to be the number one enemy of open wine because it speeds up the oxidization process. Keeping the wine cool in the fridge will help slow this process and extend the life of your bottle. For longer storage, a wine stopper or pump is the best option.

Multi-Colored Silicone Corks by True Fabrications

True Fabrication’s 705 silicone stopper is the perfect product to help you out. This tapered stopper becomes gradually wider, allowing it to create an air-tight closure in any sized bottle. This stopper also allows you to lay the bottle down on its side for easy storage in the fridge. The 705 silicone stopper combined with refrigeration is a sure fire way to keep your wine until you’re ready to cook.

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