Have You Customized Yet?

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars trying to get their names out to the public. Whether it’s through radio, print, television, or internet, more visibility will obviously lead to more traffic and more sales. In the world of retail, customizing merchandise is a very easy and effective way to advertise your business. If you haven’t put your name or logo on a True Fabrications product yet, we highly recommend it.

Imprinting on a reusable product is a great way to develop brand recognition and customer loyalty. Where a radio spot or print space is good for one use, imprinting your name, number, and other information on a product like a corkscrew, is advertising that works again and again. See our truetap corkscrew with a large flat imprinting space. This is one of our most popular corkscrews for customization. If you sell a corkscrew with your name on the side, your customer will see your logo every time they open their drawer. Soon, once the customer needs to buy more wine, your business will be the first thing that pops into their head. Also, if a server or bartender purchases one of your custom products and takes it to his or her restaurant, your logo/name will be shown to countless guests every time they use the item. For those that own businesses in vacation spots, custom products make great souvenirs for tourists as well!

We highly recommend this inexpensive and effective way of advertising. True Fabrications offers a large selection of items for customization that keep on advertising long after your initial investment. With significantly lower minimums than most overseas printers, consider customization with True Fabrications as a great way to promote your business.

Customized Truetap Corkscrew

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