Everything You Need for a Special Valentine’s Day

At True Fabrications, we strive to make your shopping experience easy, efficient and meaningful. This includes helping you stock your store with the perfect gifts, tools and accessories for holidays and special occasions. According to an article discussing the US Economy, in 2011, Valentine’s Day shoppers spent almost $15.7 billion on their loved ones and significant others.  Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, so stock up on some of our best-selling, red-themed products in preparation of cupid’s holiday.

True Fabrications Red Hearts Glitter Bag

The first must-have items are our selection of love-themed wine bags. Our red hearts glitter bag is sure to make an impression for anyone gifting a bottle of wine or champagne. For those with more of a classic taste, our heart paisley or juicy grapes bag is a sheer and simple way to merchandise any bottle. Our newest additions to our bag line are likely to make any fashionista swoon. Our line of designer purse wine bags have been fantastic sellers. They come in either a classic or bright set, and both have proven to be strong sellers.

As there is likely to be many of bottles of champagnes popped on the 14th, our best-selling champagne stopper  is a must-have.  If romance is in the air, our appropriately pink Dragonfly Corkscrew will serve as a cheerful and easy-to-use accessory for opening that Bordeaux bought specifically for the occasion.

True Fabrications Champagne Stopper

Finally, don’t forget to stock up on sweets. Our best-selling Brix Bites are the perfect chocolate for any wine lover. The milk chocolate pairs best with lighter reds and dessert wines while the extra dark pairs with the deepest reds. These items will make the shopping experience for your customers easy this Valentine’s Day. So, don’t miss out on sales possibilities from this lucrative, albeit, cheesy holiday.

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