Everything You Need and More

Everything You Need and More

Being one of the leading wine accessories lifestyle brands for thousands of wine retailers around the world, True Fabrications has everything you need from pourers to glassware, shot glasses to shakers, and bottle openers to aerators.  But did you know we also carry a wide variety of literature? Here are a few favorites that will let your savvy wine, beer and cocktail knowledge shine.

The World Atlas of Beer

Learn everything you need to know about one of the oldest fermented beverages in this fully illustrated book that not only discuses origin and brewing methods, but also trends from ancient history until now.  The World Atlas of Beer describes over 500 of the greatest beers from around the world, with detailed sections on major beer-producing countries and regions, including information on craft brewing, emerging markets, extreme beers, future-trend forecasts, and more.

Booze Cakes

Spiking delicious cakes with spirits, wine, and beer is just what Booze Cakes has to offer. Featuring step-by-step recipes for these delightfully tipsy desserts are perfect for dinner parties, potlucks, and birthdays!
Featured throughout this recipe book are tips and tricks on baking with alcohol, serving suggestions for fun cocktail-cake parties or yummy cocktail recipes to accompany your confections—plus a useful “Booze Meter” that tracks the total alcohol content in each of these decadent desserts. Mix, Bake, Buzz!

Wine Bible

Described as “thorough, authoritative, and entertaining,” by Robert Mondavi, founder and chairman emeritus of the Robert Mondavi Family of Wines.  The Wine Bible touches on all the essentials: What makes a great wine great? The reason behind Champagne’s bubbles. The precise and food-friendly wines of Germany. California, wine’s Camelot. The mouthwatering  wines of Australia. The complexities of Port revealed. How a vineyard profoundly affects a wine’s character.  Plus, perfectly pairing wine with food, and most importantly mood. The secrets of professional wine tasters and how to expand your wine-tasting vocabulary. Wine Bible is the most complete wine book, and a must have for anyone who loves wine.

For more literature carried by True Fabrications: http://www.truefabrications.com/products/157-Books/

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