How Electronic Checks Can Make Your Business Greener

As a company who ships all over the country, we’ve taken notice of the large amount of paper, shipping fees and packaging materials that go into making our company work. Recently, we at True Fabrications decided to change certain practices in our business to make our company more environmentally friendly. From changing all of our lights to energy saving bulbs in both the warehouse and office, and switching our shipping filler from plastics to recycled paper, we’re trying to do our part by “going green”.

We now invite and encourage all of our customers to pay for their orders via e-checks. Did you know that for every invoice True Fabrications collects, roughly four pieces of mail have to be sent? (That’s a lot of paper!). That doesn’t even include the postage you send if you wish to pay by normal check. Paying by e-check reduces the amount of paper used in our business by making these transactions digital. Also, the time and resources saved allows us to pass back savings to the most important part of our business, you.

E-check is a completely acceptable and fully operational system for paying your bill. You don’t need to purchase or download any new systems or software. Simply ask your True Fabrications sales rep about e-checks and we will take care of the rest. The ease of e-checking combined with the fact that postage rates just went up again, make e-checks the less expensive (no postage), less time consuming (no trip to the post office) and environmentally friendly (no paper!) option.

E-checks function exactly like a normal check. By corresponding to an individual check number, money is drawn straight from your checking account. But, this is only done once you give permission to our sales staff. This step is to insure your confidence in the safety of our e-check system. E-check is equally safe when compared to traditional payment methods. The only difference in the payment process is the lack of a physical check.

The ease of e-checks and the savings we can send your way should be motivation enough to make the switch. But if that’s not enough, take into consideration the ease of digital checking coupled with your ability to cut down on paper; saving money, and helping us accomplish our company goal of going green while still offering our best price guarantee.

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