Economy Wine in a Changing Market

Dear Retailers,

Since 2008, many industries have had to shift their focus to keep up with consumer needs. While wine has managed to weather the storm better over the last three years than other industries, the price points and goals of the consumer have changed. In pre-recession times, there was a large focus on brand names and expensive labels. While this market still exists, the recession also developed a new niche for enterprising wine makers. As the recession set in, a need for less expensive, drinkable/enjoyable wines developed. Many winemakers have taken up the challenge of trying to create the best bottle for the consumer’s dollar.

Check out this story about a wine importer that adjusted it’s portfolio in order to keep up with the changing market. These affordable bottles can actually be turned into a great marketing tool in your store. Many stores have offered “recession specials” and highlighted or added lower priced, high quality wines. A wine shop in my neighborhood has a section that offers 100 wines from around the world for $10 or less. This is a great way to try different and very affordable bottles. Have you considered promoting a lower price point section in your store? We would love to hear about it.

With over 800 products, we try to provide our customers with options at every price point. No matter what you’re looking for, we will do what we can to get you the right product to satisfy your store’s needs. Also, if you ever need something that we don’t have, please share your ideas; we’re always looking for new product ideas and suggestions.


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