Decanters and Aeration

Dear Retailers,

2010 continues to show strong sales of all wine accessories related to aeration, decanting, and breathing.  Wine retailers continue to indicate that their customers are interested in learning more about when to aerate, when not to, and what what the differences are between between products.

As you are probably well aware of now, the Red Wine Vinturi Wine Aerator continues to show strong sales even after a very strong 2009.  The White Wine Vinturi Aerator, although not as popular, has great growth potential but requires more hand selling as consumers aren’t aware that white wine can be aerated.   Show and educate your customers that certain white wines can benefit from it.

Similarly, Decanters have shown tremendous growth in sales as they both aerate, separate sediment, and provide a better aesthetic to serving wine.   There is no substitution to the beauty of being served wine in a decanter (or from my perspective the fun of actually pouring wine into a decanter).   The variety of shapes and sizes of decanters screams at the notion that art and function mix well .  One suggestion we always have had is to serve wine during your tastings in decanters to allow customers the opportunity to see the aesthetic they provide.  This is an essential product as consumers prepare for more house guests and parities during the fall and winter months.

One added note is that as decanter sales continue to grow, so to do the decanter accessories such as decanter funnels, cleaning brushes, and cleaning beads.


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