Creative Cork Ideas and Accessories

Dear Retailers,
How many times have you opened a bottle of wine either in your store or on your own time and not known what to do with the cork? With 784 Million gallons of wine consumed in the US last year alone, there are a lot of corks to go around. What are we to do with all the removed corks?

A number of companies both large and small have created cork recycling programs. Even larger stores like Whole Foods have started their own recycling stands. Recycling wine corks not only reuses a rare wood, but can also be used as an incentive program in your store. Consider creating a program where customers can return a certain number of corks to your store (maybe 24), and you provide a discount on their next purchase in return.

While wine corks have been a popular craft material for quite some time, reusing wine corks for both utility purposes and decoration is growing more common. From Trivets for hot pans, to furniture and flooring, cork is being used in more places. True Fabrications would like to introduce their new cork holders for the summer season. Now you can you use your old corks as a great decorative piece on tables and bars.

True Fabrications

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