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How to Store Wine: A Refresher on Proper Storage

Proper storage is essential for getting the most out of your wine. Whether you have a cellar in your basement, or just a few bottles in the pantry, taking good care of your wine will allow you to get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of each bottle.

There are a few basics to remember when storing wine long term. First, make sure your wine is kept in a dark area. Too much exposure to light can be damaging to wine. This same effect is true for beer. Next, make sure the selected dark space is cool and climate regulated. Wine stored in an area that is too warm can be problematic. True Fabrications recommends avoiding kitchens, laundry rooms, or any other space that can be heated up by appliance usage.  While dark and cool is good for wine, make sure the storage space does not get too humid. Humidity can cause mold to grow, ruining the flavor of the wine. If you own an extensive cellar, consider a device that controls the humidity in the room. This will help to fight off mold growth.

StorVino Wine Storage by True Fabrications

Next, make sure your bottles with real corks are stored on their sides. Wines that are stored upright for long periods can be affected by dry corks. If a cork dries up, it can let too much oxygen into the bottle, ultimately causing the wine to go bad. Once you’ve found the ideal space, consider a way to store your wine. Try the Storvino Modular & Transportable Storage System to let your wine rest. These six-bottle, U.S.-made crates snap together and can either be stacked up to create a large rack, or taken apart to be used as six-bottle crates for easy transportation.

Once you’ve found a good place to store your wine, consider how you want to organize it. Make sure to keep notes as to what wine is being stored in your cellar. Keeping notes will allow you to enjoy each wine’s peak drinking window. Consider cellar tags for easy viewing and a program like Cellar Tracker to keep tabs of your wine. Cellar Tracker allows you to keep track of your collection, while giving you each wine’s optimum drinking window.

Whether your collection has 10 bottles or 10,000 bottles, storing your wine correctly is the best way to enjoy each bottle to its fullest.

Wine Gifts for All Occasions

With a catalog of more than 800 products, True Fabrications offers great gifts for all occasions. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers, bridal shower gifts, or a birthday present for that hard to shop for uncle of yours, we have everything your store needs. Having a successful accessory section is a great way to make extra money in your store. With the positive news about this year’s holiday sales numbers, there is no time like the present to offer your customers a line of wine and bar accessories.

Creating a gift section and recommending products to accompany your customer’s purchases is a quick and easy up-sell. For example, consider the following products, to make sure your store is ready with gifts for all occasions.

Wine shops are excellent at recommending the right wine with the right food. If you can learn to pare the right accessory with the right wine, you can see your sales increase with each customer. Figure out why your customers are looking for a specific bottle and recommend the best accessory to go with it. For the bachelorette or girl’s night out, see our hand painted wine glasses. If someone buys a bottle of champagne, always recommend our best selling champagne stopper. This product is great around the holidays, thanks to Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  If someone comes in to buy a nice bottle of whiskey as a gift, suggest that they buy our glacier rocks to turn the gift into something even better.

Glacier Rocks Set by True Fabrications

Making recommendations such as these are a quick and easy way to boost your store’s revenue. Whether it’s having a quality, well priced corkscrew near the register, or a section devoted to gifts where you can recommend the right gift for the right wine, providing your customers with great gift ideas of all types is a necessity for every store.

Rack it Up! Sweet Storage Solutions for Your Wine

Whether you’re just entering the world of wine, or you’ve been purchasing bottles for decades, every wine drinker needs at least one good wine rack. True Fabrications has racks ranging in different sizes, shapes and styles. We believe we can help you find a rack that fits both your budget and the size/theme you’re trying to achieve.

Wine racks are an excellent purchase for more than one reason. First, using racks to store wine allows for safe and organized store. Instead of having a bottle sit on the counter or in the pantry, put it in a rack. Second, racks are a great way to display your wine, especially if you plan on using them for an event. Finally, with the variety of racks in our line-up, you’re sure to find a piece that accents your living space as art/home decor.

For the skier, check out the three bottle ski rack. For those who are into the outdoors, see our bear cub rack and our antler wine rack. For something a little more straightforward, the new, wine shrine has been an excellent selling six-bottle rack this year. For something a little more unique, see our Monterey Arbor racks. Finally, for a larger space, see our 32-bottle, wine barrel rack made from a used wine barrel. This elegant piece is perfect for the serious wine lover.

32 Bottle Wine Rack | True Fabrications

Whether it’s one bottle or 32, we have racks for every person and every occasion. Gives us a call and have your sales rep find the right rack for you.

Wholesale Wine Bags and Tubes for Your Business

With the holiday sales season officially kicking off next week, True Fabrications thought it would be worthwhile to go over some basics for the holidays. As wine and liquor stores arm themselves with extra stock for the gift giving season, it can be easy to forget merchandise other than wine and liquor. Obviously, wine, liquor and beer are the primary items your store is selling. However, forgetting to include wine bags and wine tubes this year will lead to many missed sales opportunities. Wine tubes and wine bags can easily be sold at a 100% markup. This is a great way to make extra money this holiday season.  Ask each person who buys a bottle(s) if they’re purchasing it for a gift. If so, have your bags and tubes at the ready to up sell!

Ruby Slippers Wine Bag by True Fabrications

True Fabrications offers bags at all price points, with many different themes and designs. No matter the store, we have a bag for your needs. Our most common bags are .79 to $1.75 paper bags. Because we originally started as a bag company, we work hard to still offer a wide selection. We offer from year round elegant bags that can also pose as Christmas bags, to those that are covered in Holiday cheer. Offering paper bags in your store is an easy way to make a few extra dollars with every sale.

Lovely Leaves Jute Bag by True Fabrications

If paper’s not what you’re looking for, we offer a number of fabric bags as well. Quite elegant and at a number of price points, upselling these bags around the holidays is a great idea.  Finally, don’t forget our jute bags. For a great natural look, our jute bags are where our company started. These classic bags have been with us since the beginning and are still quite popular.

Whether you prefer, paper, fabric or jute, we can help you find the right bags for your store. We highly recommend investing in some bags for the holiday season if you haven’t already. The margins are great and they are very easy to sell. Try some out and see what they can do for you and your business.

To Aerate or Not: How Oxygen Can be Detrimental to Wine

Oxygen and wine have a tumultuous relationship. For some wines, the right amount of oxygen can make their best characteristics shine through. However, for other more delicate wines, oxygen can be the quickest way to turn your wine into vinegar. Knowing how and when to mix oxygen and wine can increase your enjoyment of wine overall.

Traditional Decanter by True Fabrications

Wines that require exposure to oxygen are often termed “big reds” that need time to mix with oxygen in order to reach their full potential. By exposing wine to oxygen, you allow the flavors and aromas to open up and expand. Traditionally, this would have been done in a decanter with a broad base. The more surface area exposed to oxygen the better. However, decanters can require multiple hours to work their magic. This can be great for the first bottle you serve your guests. However, without foresight and multiple decanters, it probably won’t work for your second, third, or fourth bottle and so on.

Vinturi White Wine Aerator by True Fabrications

To decrease the time that wine takes to open up, True Fabrications offers a line of very successful aerators. These aerators are designed to rapidly infuse your wine with oxygen. Aerators can do the work of the decanter as the wine is poured. The speed and ease of aeration using our aerator line has made them one of our most successful lines over the past few years. However, some wine drinkers still maintain that decanting is still the best way to introduce your wine to oxygen. Whether you prefer decanting, or the ease of aerators, both parties can agree, that allowing your wine to mix with oxygen will ultimately improve your wine drinking experience.

Oxidization of wine is a unpreventable, natural process. By learning how to control the relationship between wine and oxygen, you can learn to improve and better enjoy each wine that you drink. Check out our line of decanters and aerators for all your wine needs.

How to Preserve Your Cooking Wine

Before we dive into this discussion, we must first make a distinction between American cooking wine, and wine used for cooking. Cooking wine in the U.S. often has salt added to the wine to help extend the shelf life. However, this same salt will also add extra salt to your meal. To cook with regular wine, people often choose a bottle that is past its prime. This wine can act as a sort of vinegar to cook with. If you’ve ever made it through half a bottle of wine and then returned a few days later to find your bottle of red smelling more like vinegar than cherry with tobacco notes, this would be the perfect time to use your wine for cooking.

Wine’s varying complexity in flavor profile and sugar levels work well with a variety of dishes and recipes. To preserve your vino for cooking, the next step is trying to figure out the perfect way to keep flies out, and safely store your wine to prevent spills until you’re ready to cook. Heat tends to be the number one enemy of open wine because it speeds up the oxidization process. Keeping the wine cool in the fridge will help slow this process and extend the life of your bottle. For longer storage, a wine stopper or pump is the best option.

Multi-Colored Silicone Corks by True Fabrications

True Fabrication’s 705 silicone stopper is the perfect product to help you out. This tapered stopper becomes gradually wider, allowing it to create an air-tight closure in any sized bottle. This stopper also allows you to lay the bottle down on its side for easy storage in the fridge. The 705 silicone stopper combined with refrigeration is a sure fire way to keep your wine until you’re ready to cook.

Making a Case: The Top-10 Best Wine Gifts

With the holidays quickly approaching, customers are always asking what they should be bringing into their stores for gifts. As True Fabrications continues to grow, we are continuing to add to our already diverse holiday wine accessories and product line. With new items almost every month, you’re sure to find a gift for your store. We decided to compile a list of the Top-10 gift items for 2011:

Glacier Rocks Set by True Fabrications

1. The first item on the list is our Glacier Rocks. A new product as of this past summer, Glacier Rocks are made of non-porous soapstone from Finland. Simply put Glacier Rocks in the freezer for 3 to 4 hours and then put three 3 rocks in the spirit of your choice. Glacier rocks will chill your spirit without diluted like traditional ice cubes. These are perfect for any spirit drinker.

2. Next on the list are our Cork Holders.  Whether you prefer a wall hanging cork holder or one that is free standing for a countertop or table, these are a great way to collect memorable corks and use them for decoration around the house.

Aerator Pour Spout by True Fabrications

3. Aerators have been one of the best selling wine accessories over the last four years. Designed to speed up the oxidization process, aerators make a great gift for any wine drinker. We have aerators of all different shapes and sizes. If you sell wine and you are not carrying at least one type of aerator, you are missing out on a great opportunity to turn extra profits.

4. Our Rechargeable Corkscrew is new to our product line and great for the wine lover who enjoys electronic gadgets. After charging, the rechargeable corkscrew easily removes corks from any bottle. This is a great gift for those who have a hard time with manual corkscrews as well.

5. Fifth on the list is our slate cheeseboard. This cheeseboard makes a great gift and comes with soapstone chalk to label the type of cheese. Once you are done, simply wash the name of the cheese off in sink when you clean the board.

Duck Decanter by True Fabrications

6. New to our decanter line, the Duck Decanter’s angular shape and sturdy glass handle make it very eye catching and a nice departure from the traditional decanter shape. A decanter is a must have accessory for any drinker of red wine.

6. The Mr. Beer Kit is the perfect gift for any beer drinker. Mr. Beer is home brewing made easy. The kit comes with premixed ingredients and enough bottles for a batch of beer. While Mr. Beer only comes with one mix to start, we also have variety packs that feature 3 different styles of beer for the Mr. Beer kit.

7. For those who like carbonated beverages, the Twist ‘n’ Sparkle carbonation system is an excellent gift. With an easy twist of the top, the Twist ‘n’ sparkle can carbonate, water, juice, wine or other non-carbonated beverages of your choosing. The Twist ‘n’ Sparkle is also smaller and less expensive than similar products on the market, making it a perfect gift for the holidays.

8. Whether it’s for a birthday party, a bachelorette party, or any other excuse to celebrate, our hand painted wine glasses make the perfect gift for bridesmaids, bachelorettes, birthday girls or any anyone else celebrating a special occasion.

Fruit Basket Wine Charms by True Fabrications

9. Wine charms have been an incredibly popular wine accessory for quite some time. Because of their success, we continue to add new designs each year. Whether you are looking for something casual like our beer cap charms, or something more formal, we have wine charms for any and all occasions. We also have quite a few holiday charms as well. These wine glass identification accessories make great stocking stuffers.

10. Last but certainly not least, our candle products make great gifts. Whether you’re looking for something for the patio like our Hanging Bottle Candle Holders, or our best selling candelabra that rests in the top of an empty wine bottle of your choice, our candle products make for great gifts this time of year.

While this is not an exhaustive list of gifts, we wanted to highlight a number of reliable best sellers and new arrivals that we believe make great gifts for the holiday season.

How the Right Glassware Can Make Wine Shine

Out of all the wine products on the market, the one that might make the biggest difference in one’s encounter with a wine is the glass. To the untrained eye, stemware might appear to be randomly sized and shaped. However, each glass is designed with a purpose and specific style of wine in mind. Matching the proper glassware to a specific wine is crucial to enjoy a wine to its fullest potential.

Champagne Glass | True Fabrications

For example, why are champagne/sparkling wine glasses long and narrow?  Champagne flutes are designed with a narrow shape to lock in as much of the carbonation as possible. A wider glass would allow the signature bubbles to escape faster.

The stemware used for both white and red wines looks similar. However, upon closer examination, you will notice that white wine glasses tend to be narrower and smaller in general. The reason white wine glasses are often smaller is to prevent oxidization. A smaller glass means less wine exposed to the air, ultimately preserving the delicate flavors in a white wine.

Red Wine Glass | True Fabrications

While oxidization is prevented with a small white wine glass, red wine glasses are often designed to do the exact opposite. If you have ever heard someone say “they’re waiting for a wine to open up,” or that a specific wine “needs to breathe a bit,” you’ve probably heard someone waiting  for the oxidization to bring out flavors and characteristic in red wine that are often not present when a bottle is first opened. To help this process along, the larger bowl of most red wine glasses allows for maximum wine to air contact.

While there are sub categories of each type of glass, this overview has hopefully highlighted the benefits proper glassware can have on a wine and why it is important to make sure you pair your wines with the right glass.

Wine Bags and Wine Tubes: How Basic Winery Accessories Add Value to Your Retail Store

Every year, True Fabrications continues to add more products to its line-up of the finest consumer and wholesale winery accessories on the market. As our offerings continue to grow, we would like to remind people that we originally started out as a wine bag company. With each new season, our catalog of products has become larger and more diverse, ultimately providing more products for our customers. However, our best selling and foundational products are still our wine bags and wine tubes.

Purple Angled Wine Bag | True Fabrications

Commonly, we get customers that ask us what exactly IS a wine tube? Round instead of square, the classic wine tube goes beyond the ordinary wine gift box with its sleek and stylish design. They are a great way to gift wine because they are both reusable and decorative. Similarly, wine bags come in every color, pattern and material to match your occasion. From chic to cheeky, you can be sure to carry your vino in style with the perfect wine bag in tow.

For stores that are considering investing in wine accessories, we offer a very extensive line up. However, if you are feeling a little apprehensive about investing your money in new products, consider wine bags and wine tubes.  Because they are inexpensive and easy to up-sell as a gift (especially around the holidays), wine bags and wine tubes are a great way to bring in extra revenue for your store. While most bottles of wine will only yield a 30% mark up, (spend $7, sell for $10, make $3), wine bags, wine tubes and other accessories can easily be sold at a 100% mark up, spend a dollar, sell for two, make one.

Assorted Holiday Wine Tubes | True Fabrications

We recommend a 100% mark up on all of our products regardless of price. By doing this, our more expensive products are just as rewarding to sell as our inexpensive ones. However, for those who are just starting a new store, or those who have been in business for years but are apprehensive to bring in accessories, consider wine bags and wine tubes as a low risk investment to test the waters and see the rewards investing in wine accessories can provide for your store. With the holidays just around the corner, this is the best time of year to add accessories to your store.

WISE Study: Sales Tips for your Wine Store or Tasting Room

Dear Retailer,

We recently received a newsletter e-mail from Wines & Vines featuring some interesting tasting room statistics produced by The WISE Academy. We thought we’d pass them along to you as you will probably find them interesting and relevant to your store or tasting room. From 500 anonymous tasting rooms and shops surveyed, “only 40% of tasting room professionals ask for the sale”. This means 60% of visitors are slipping by. Consider how many missed sales opportunities are occurring due to a lack of closing on sales.

The newsletter also included four interesting sales ideas. 1st: Focus on local items. Customers love items that are specific to a region, especially if they are traveling and feel this in the only place it is available. 2nd: Make stock look abundant. According the newsletter, thin stock looks picked over and abundance of products will pull people in. 3rd: keep track of sales performance by non-wine items and clear out the poor sellers by lowering prices and consider moving the top sellers up a dollar. After all, accessories are a great way to gain a 100% return on your investment if you have a good seller. Finally, if you want to move accessories, foods and other non-wine items, make a display in the middle of a walk way that slows people down. As the article said, “items in the shadows, stay in the shadows”.

Consider these stats and ideas as you plan for the fall and winter. Have a great weekend!


True Fabrications