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Health Q&A: How Wine Can Prevent Diabetes

If you’re looking for a good excuse to open a bottle of red wine, look no further than its ability to reduce the risk the diabetes. True Fabrication has found that moderate consumption of wine can actually help reduce the risk by up to 40%, according to some studies. While we’re not suggesting you go on a bender in the name of leveling out your blood sugar, studies show that a glass of wine can help balance blood sugar levels that spike after a meal. At the same time, while a glass of wine a day can benefit the body, wine in excess can lead to weight gain and conditions like diabetes when consumed in excess. Moderation is the key to extracting benefits from your wine.

But just how does wine help your body? An article from tells how grape skins and red grape juice are high in polyphenols. According to the article “These antioxidants have been shown to help the body regulate blood sugar, and may thereby help prevent or control diabetes.” When you eat, there is a spike in your blood sugar. The polyphenols help the body return this spike back to almost even levels. Having a glass of wine after a meal has proven to be equally effective as the diabetes drug avandia.

While there are many great reasons to enjoy a glass of wine with good friends, here’s another reason you can all drink to your health. Cheers!

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1 More Reason To Enjoy Wine This Summer

Greetings Retailers,

With all the studies discussing the benefits of red wine consumption, people hardly need one more excuse to enjoy a glass this summer. However, a new study now draws links between wine consumption and protection from UV rays. This very timely summer related study can be seen here.

As wine grows closer and closer to becoming a super food, we wanted to draw attention to more good news for wine lovers everywhere. While we don’t suggest replacing SPF with your summer red of choice, take solace in the fact that your picnic wine might help protect you from the sun’s damaging rays.

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