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Changing Seasons and Holiday Preparation

Dear Retailer,

Greetings and Happy Labor Day weekend. Although summer doesn’t officially end just yet, this weekend marks a psychological end of summer for many. Schools start back up, college football kicks off and September begins the transition into the fall months.

Now is the perfect time for final summer sales and the advertising of new fall items. Offer deals this weekend that mark the end of summer or the beginning of fall.

Here at True Fabrications, we’re preparing for the holidays and think you should too. Consider space in your store that you want to turn into a holiday section and start planning what you want to carry now. Also, consider ordering your holiday items as early as possible. Early orders mean more time for selling and a reduced risk of out of stock items. Planning now can help prevent missed sales and headaches later. Have a great weekend!


True Fabrications

10 New Wine Products We’re Excited For This Fall and Winter

Dear Retailer,
Although we’re still in the middle of August and much of the country is still gripped by 2011’s unrelenting summer heat, it’s never too soon to start thinking about fall and the upcoming winter/holiday season. On the subject of the changing seasons, True Fabrications would like to announce that our winter catalog has been printed and shipped. Please let us know if you do not see it by the end of August. Our new catalog will have close to 200 new products and everything you need for the holiday season.
We’re very excited for the new catalog and we hope you are too! In honor of the new catalog’s departure from our warehouse, we compiled a list of 10 new products to get excited about this holiday season.
1. Glacier Rocks
3. Our New POP Displays
4. New Cork Holders

5. New Candles and Candle Holders

6. Our best selling cocktail Shaker now comes in Red
7. Cork Trivets and Coasters

8. New Decanter Designs

9. New Wine Charms

10. New Holiday Bags
Let us know if you have any questions about these products or any others. We’re always here to help.
True Fabrications

1 More Reason To Enjoy Wine This Summer

Greetings Retailers,

With all the studies discussing the benefits of red wine consumption, people hardly need one more excuse to enjoy a glass this summer. However, a new study now draws links between wine consumption and protection from UV rays. This very timely summer related study can be seen here.

As wine grows closer and closer to becoming a super food, we wanted to draw attention to more good news for wine lovers everywhere. While we don’t suggest replacing SPF with your summer red of choice, take solace in the fact that your picnic wine might help protect you from the sun’s damaging rays.

When it comes to picnic season, True Fabrications has everything you need to make your summer outings a success. From our new collapsible carriers, to our three bottle tote with glassware, a bottle opener and other supplies, check out True Fabrications’ newest arrivals for all the best summer items. Finally, no picnic would be complete without picnic stix. Have a great weekend and take advantage of summer’s last month.


True Fabrications

Creative Cork Ideas and Accessories

Dear Retailers,
How many times have you opened a bottle of wine either in your store or on your own time and not known what to do with the cork? With 784 Million gallons of wine consumed in the US last year alone, there are a lot of corks to go around. What are we to do with all the removed corks?

A number of companies both large and small have created cork recycling programs. Even larger stores like Whole Foods have started their own recycling stands. Recycling wine corks not only reuses a rare wood, but can also be used as an incentive program in your store. Consider creating a program where customers can return a certain number of corks to your store (maybe 24), and you provide a discount on their next purchase in return.

While wine corks have been a popular craft material for quite some time, reusing wine corks for both utility purposes and decoration is growing more common. From Trivets for hot pans, to furniture and flooring, cork is being used in more places. True Fabrications would like to introduce their new cork holders for the summer season. Now you can you use your old corks as a great decorative piece on tables and bars.

True Fabrications

New Items!

We recently launched some new wine accessories and over the next 20 days will be launching another 40 new summer items! It is no coincidence that when we advertise our new products, sales of those items increase as customers want to give them a try. When we send you our catalogs in the mail, we alert you to what new items we have added as well.
In the same manner, retail stores benefit greatly by featuring and advertising new wines and products. I walked into a grocery store the other day and was in the soup aisle and noticed that there was a sign that said “new item”. It caught my attention and I checked it out. It’s that simple. Retailers can capture the attention of customers a few ways – good displays, price drops, and featured items. Don’t forget new item signage can really enhance sales of products and encourage your customers to purchase a broader range of items.
With our new products, we want to encourage you experiment with them. Some will work, some won’t, and some will be incredible. Our goal is and always has been for you to find the right product mix that works in your store. If you ever find yourself purchasing a product form us that just doesn’t sell, let us know and we’ll give you credit to try something else. We have our 100% satisfaction guarantee to inspire you to try new products. After all, without constantly changing your wine accessory product line, you’ll never come across that one product that just happens to fill your customers needs.
Speaking of new products, take a look at what they are doing in England. It’s bound to make its way to our shores soon.

New Yorker Wine Bags

Dear Retailer:
Our staff really loves the cartoons. We often share our favorites because they quickly hit the funny bone without requiring watching a two minute YouTube clip or reading an article. Perhaps its the sign of the times and our dwindling attention spans.
In any case, that was the inspiration for teaming with the New Yorker Magazine and using their wine related cartoons to create our exclusive wine bags. We are very proud to have 4 new wine bags with cartoons from the New Yorker featuring some hilarious wine related funnies!

A Wine for Every Personality

What kind of wine do you fancy? And what does that say about you? Do you prefer Champagne or a Pinot? According to our favorite article this week, it speaks volumes about your personality. Well, that is not exactly what the article says, but we do think it says more about your personality than just whether you are impulsive or not. In fact, we can think of a host of personality topics – how serious you are, how organized you are, how much sass you have, etc., based on what you drink.
While it might not be true and you shouldn’t be judging people anyways, it’s still a fun game to play. We have heard of wine stores play around with this type of theme with their customers before and we think there are many fun ideas to be had. For instance, ask your customers what their favorite wine is and how it relates to a specific personality trait – if you hear something good, put it on the description of a specific wine along with it’s score and history. You can also create fun “wine personality” tests that your customers can take home, fill out, and bring back for a discount. During your next wine tasting, instead of having people describe what they are tasting (hints of cherry, etc.), ask them what personality does the wine represent. What do they think the wine screams? There are sure to be some hiarious comments that will make the crowd laugh out loud.
In fact, many of our products go along the lines of personality in wine. Our bag, “You Are What You Drink” is a top seller and I think it is because lots of people like to identify with what they eat, drink, and do.

And better yet, our What’s Your Vine? t-shirt line does just that – attaches funny personality quotes to a specific varietal of wine. “Mysterious, Seductive, and Difficult to Manage” is of course a Pinot Noir. If you take a look at page 94 and 95 of our new winter catalog, we have added some great new shirts with personality! Pick some shirts up and if you do, have your staff members wear them too so customers can enjoy and hopefully purchase one too.

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