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Holiday Gift Guide for the Home Bartender

2013 Gift Guide for the Bartender

  1. 1. Recipe Shaker
  2. 2. Scrappy’s Bitters
  3. 3. Marquis Liquor Decanter
  4. 4. Striped Straws
  5. 5. Colossal Ice Cube Tray
  6. 6. Stainless Steel Muddler
  7. 7. Vista Double Jigger
  8. 8. Capatoo Bottle Opener
  9. 9. Festive Flasks
  10. 10. Glacier Rocks

Holiday Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

  1. 1. Metallic Holiday Stoppers;
  2. 2. Whirl Aerating Wine Glasses;
  3. 3. Classic Decanter;
  4. 4. Twist Adjustable Aerator;
  5. 5. Wine Stem Springs;
  6. 6. Festive Waiter’s Corkscrews;
  7. 7. Kingsley Penguin Corkscrew;
  8. 8. Digital Wine Thermometer;
  9. 9. Bottle Gift Box;
  10. 10. ZinZig Wine Tasting Trivia Game;
  11. 11. Eiffel Tower Cork Holder

Another Great Aeration Innovation

We have the first look at HOST Studio’s newest aeration innovation, the WHIRL aerating wine glass.

This brand new wine glass is nothing like you have ever used before.  The WHIRL is made of a shatter-proof plastic that has specific design elements to aerate your favorite wines right in the glass.

As you gently swirl the glass, wine runs along the three internal aeration ridges agitating the wine and introducing oxygen to the wine. This creates a perfect mixture of wine and air positively affecting the wine’s flavor.  The oxygen introduced by the act of swirling binds with the tannin molecules to make the wine seem softer and reducing sulfites as well.

Swirling a glass of wine also releases aromatic compounds into the air. Every wine has these fragrant aroma compounds, some wines more than others, depending on the structure and character of the grape, and releasing these compounds makes the varietal aromas more apparent and enjoyable on the nose.

HOST continues to surprise us with the hottest new products.  HOST is a high quality brand by True Fabrications that will stand above the rest. HOST works hard to engineer and perfect their products so that you can sit back, relax and revel in life’s small pleasures.

Be the first to have this great new product! Look for availability around May 1st.

True Fabrications Adds Some Flavor

True Fabrications would like to welcome two new product lines to the catalog. We are very excited to carry Mama Lil’s products and Demitri’s bloody Mary seasonings and rimming salts.

Mama Lil’s peppers and relish are made from organically grown peppers from Washington State. Each type of pepper/relish features a distinct flavor profile as a result of their oils and spices. Mama Lil’s products are used regularly by many well respected restaurants across the Pacific Northwest. The creator of these peppers says they have a shelf life that can last for years. He believes “they hit their peak at 7 years in the jar. The true fabrications team had the opportunity to take these peppers home and try them out We were all very impressed with this product. We highly encourage giving these peppers/spreads a try. We would love to hear the recipe you created using these products.

Our second product, Demitri’s, is perfect for anyone who loves a good bloody mary. Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning is a concentrate seasoning that is added to tomato juice. Mixed with Vodka, Demitri’s makes an excellent bloody mary. These seasonings come if 4 different flavors: original, chilies & peppers, chipotle & habanero, and horseradish. We’ve been told Demitri’s makes a great rub/seasoning for barbecuing and grilling as well.

We are very eager to be carrying these products and introducing them to our customers.

There’s Still One Holiday to Go: Don’t Forget about New Year’s Eve

While this week marks the end of the Christmas buying chaos, there is still one holiday that we would encourage our customers not to miss. New Years Eve is just around the corner and it is not too late to make sure your store has what it needs to finish off this very busy season. We at True Fabrications have found that our sales, and your sales, tend to be higher when Christmas or New Year’s Eve falls on a weekend. Because New Year’s Eve falls on a Saturday night this year, we would encourage our customers to be prepared for a busy selling window. Don’t miss out on lost sales opportunities this year. Consider the following products to help your customers ring in the New Year.

For many, celebrating the New Year would not be complete without champagne. Consider bringing in some champagne stemware for your customers who shop last minute. Also, for your leftover, open bottles of champagne, you can lock in the bubbles for another night using our best selling champagne stopper. This is a very popular item this time of year.

Champagne Stemware by True Fabrications

New Year’s is also a great time to feature champagne themed bags for customers who are looking to turn their purchase into a party gift. Consider our Pop Goes The Party Bag for a champagne themed bag. We also recommend our sheer sacks for those who want to dress up their bottle.

Wine Sacks by True Fabrications

Wine Sacks by True Fabrications

We know New Year’s is a big holiday for our customers. We would encourage you to not miss out on accessory sales next weekend. Cheers!

Rack it Up! Sweet Storage Solutions for Your Wine

Whether you’re just entering the world of wine, or you’ve been purchasing bottles for decades, every wine drinker needs at least one good wine rack. True Fabrications has racks ranging in different sizes, shapes and styles. We believe we can help you find a rack that fits both your budget and the size/theme you’re trying to achieve.

Wine racks are an excellent purchase for more than one reason. First, using racks to store wine allows for safe and organized store. Instead of having a bottle sit on the counter or in the pantry, put it in a rack. Second, racks are a great way to display your wine, especially if you plan on using them for an event. Finally, with the variety of racks in our line-up, you’re sure to find a piece that accents your living space as art/home decor.

For the skier, check out the three bottle ski rack. For those who are into the outdoors, see our bear cub rack and our antler wine rack. For something a little more straightforward, the new, wine shrine has been an excellent selling six-bottle rack this year. For something a little more unique, see our Monterey Arbor racks. Finally, for a larger space, see our 32-bottle, wine barrel rack made from a used wine barrel. This elegant piece is perfect for the serious wine lover.

32 Bottle Wine Rack | True Fabrications

Whether it’s one bottle or 32, we have racks for every person and every occasion. Gives us a call and have your sales rep find the right rack for you.

Wholesale Wine Bags and Tubes for Your Business

With the holiday sales season officially kicking off next week, True Fabrications thought it would be worthwhile to go over some basics for the holidays. As wine and liquor stores arm themselves with extra stock for the gift giving season, it can be easy to forget merchandise other than wine and liquor. Obviously, wine, liquor and beer are the primary items your store is selling. However, forgetting to include wine bags and wine tubes this year will lead to many missed sales opportunities. Wine tubes and wine bags can easily be sold at a 100% markup. This is a great way to make extra money this holiday season.  Ask each person who buys a bottle(s) if they’re purchasing it for a gift. If so, have your bags and tubes at the ready to up sell!

Ruby Slippers Wine Bag by True Fabrications

True Fabrications offers bags at all price points, with many different themes and designs. No matter the store, we have a bag for your needs. Our most common bags are .79 to $1.75 paper bags. Because we originally started as a bag company, we work hard to still offer a wide selection. We offer from year round elegant bags that can also pose as Christmas bags, to those that are covered in Holiday cheer. Offering paper bags in your store is an easy way to make a few extra dollars with every sale.

Lovely Leaves Jute Bag by True Fabrications

If paper’s not what you’re looking for, we offer a number of fabric bags as well. Quite elegant and at a number of price points, upselling these bags around the holidays is a great idea.  Finally, don’t forget our jute bags. For a great natural look, our jute bags are where our company started. These classic bags have been with us since the beginning and are still quite popular.

Whether you prefer, paper, fabric or jute, we can help you find the right bags for your store. We highly recommend investing in some bags for the holiday season if you haven’t already. The margins are great and they are very easy to sell. Try some out and see what they can do for you and your business.

Wine Bags and Wine Tubes: How Basic Winery Accessories Add Value to Your Retail Store

Every year, True Fabrications continues to add more products to its line-up of the finest consumer and wholesale winery accessories on the market. As our offerings continue to grow, we would like to remind people that we originally started out as a wine bag company. With each new season, our catalog of products has become larger and more diverse, ultimately providing more products for our customers. However, our best selling and foundational products are still our wine bags and wine tubes.

Purple Angled Wine Bag | True Fabrications

Commonly, we get customers that ask us what exactly IS a wine tube? Round instead of square, the classic wine tube goes beyond the ordinary wine gift box with its sleek and stylish design. They are a great way to gift wine because they are both reusable and decorative. Similarly, wine bags come in every color, pattern and material to match your occasion. From chic to cheeky, you can be sure to carry your vino in style with the perfect wine bag in tow.

For stores that are considering investing in wine accessories, we offer a very extensive line up. However, if you are feeling a little apprehensive about investing your money in new products, consider wine bags and wine tubes.  Because they are inexpensive and easy to up-sell as a gift (especially around the holidays), wine bags and wine tubes are a great way to bring in extra revenue for your store. While most bottles of wine will only yield a 30% mark up, (spend $7, sell for $10, make $3), wine bags, wine tubes and other accessories can easily be sold at a 100% mark up, spend a dollar, sell for two, make one.

Assorted Holiday Wine Tubes | True Fabrications

We recommend a 100% mark up on all of our products regardless of price. By doing this, our more expensive products are just as rewarding to sell as our inexpensive ones. However, for those who are just starting a new store, or those who have been in business for years but are apprehensive to bring in accessories, consider wine bags and wine tubes as a low risk investment to test the waters and see the rewards investing in wine accessories can provide for your store. With the holidays just around the corner, this is the best time of year to add accessories to your store.

Are Young Wine Connoisseurs an Untapped Market?

Dear Retailer,

Americans in their 20s and early 30s are continuing to consume more wine. The businesses that have recognized the expanding demographic are trying to capitalize on young adults finding their way into the world of wine. By attempting to reshape wine’s image from “your parents beverage”, groups like Wine Riot are attracting large groups of young people by putting on wine tasting events designed for the younger consumer. See this article in the New York Times discussing the success of Wine Riot events in New York.

The younger demographic is an untapped market for wine sales as they are often written off as the beer drinking age group. Consider creating events targeting this age group. Whether it takes live music, free food, or some well placed advertising particularly calling out to your younger customers, consider events designed to grow and solidify your relationships with this customer base.

As a company made up of young people and the young at heart, we like the idea of wine being accessible and fun for everyone (21+ only please). When asked what our company does for wine, I like to say “we make drinking wine better”. Or, “we make wine more fun”, whichever you prefer. A wine event designed for young people is also the perfect time to up-sell wine accessories. As a member of this gadget driven generation, we want a gadget for everything, and we want it to be newer and better than the person sitting next to us. At True Fabrications, we’re always trying to come out with new and different products you can provide for your customers. Check out our New Arrivals section for all of our latest products. Some of them are so new, they aren’t even in our catalog.


True Fabrications

New Natural Packaging in the Wine Industry

Dear Retailers,

You must know the increasing popularity and organics.  Wherever you look these days, almost every kind of food can be found in an organic option.  Part of a larger going green trend, organic has even gone outside of food and moved into clothing, cosmetics and product packaging, just to name a few. While organic may be the natural option, anyone who has been to the organic section of a store knows organic products come with a heavy price tag.

However, the one industry organic prices have not followed this trend is the wine industry. Believe it or not, certain studies have shown that wines labeled organic actually sell for less. At the same time, organic certified bottles that are not labeled as organic actually sell for more than their standard non-organic production equivalents. Why is this happening you ask? Check out this article for the full story, its quite interesting.

Do you offer green, organic or sustainable products in your store? Sustainable products are the latest trend to really take over the market. From home appliances that use less water and electricity, to reusable shopping bags, companies everywhere are seeing new markets open up in the rapidly growing field of sustainable and natural products. While they’re sometimes more expensive, green products are good for our ever growing planet and make customers feel good when they make purchases. Empowering people to make a difference through a sustainable product line is a great way to create a loyal customer base. People like to feel they can make a difference, and something as small as natural packaging can give them the opportunity.

Because of this, True Fabrications decided to take some of our best selling products, and a few new items, and package them in our own natural packaging.  Our new natural packaging is made from 100% recycled kraft paper, printed with soy ink, and securely fastened with Raffia ties. This packaging is environmentally friendly and a great way to offer the same True Fabrications products but with a  green option for your customers.