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ZinZig The Wine Tasting Board Game

ZinZig, the wine tasting and trivia game, is the newest board game to the market. What makes it special? The game was designed by wine lovers, for wine lovers. Drinking wine is a sensory experience and every aspect of the game was designed to replicate that.

The game will challenge both your mind and your palate. Compete individually or in teams against other players to taste your way to the winning winery on the center of the board.

Players begin the game with a wine tasting (so far so good right?). Every player will sample each type of wine and make notes of the varietal, the vintage, the region or country of origin, and the winery or vineyard. Players will be tested on this information throughout the game later. Each bottle is then covered with the included bottle covers before starting the game.

Throughout the game play, players will avert disasters, swap and steal resources, and test how much they really know about wine. With over 250 trivia questions and blind wine tasting cards, ZinZig can be played over and over again.

Players from any experience level can benefit from the wide range of trivia questions covering topics from pop culture, to the wine-making process, to famous varietals. So whether you’re a novice or a sommelier, we guarantee you’ll learn something new every time you play.

From the cork player pieces to the playful illustrations on the board, ZinZig makes wine fun and easy to not only enjoy, but also learn about, one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world.

Happy playing!

Read All About It…

In an effort to make True Fabrications a one stop wine/bar accessory stop for retailers, we are constantly trying to add to our catalog of new products. We have a great product team that is always looking for something new to offer our customers. After all, our goal is to create an easy, hassle free shopping experience that allows you to spend less time thinking about accessories while at the same time allowing you to continually increase your earnings via our growing line of products. As our catalog continues to grow, certain sections can sometimes be overlooked. We wanted to take a moment to highlight the books within the True catalog.

Whether you are a newcomer to the world of wine looking to learn the basics, a foodie trying to find the best wine or beer for their meal, a home-mixologist wanting to recreate your favorite bar drinks, or you just want to know more about craft beer, we have the books for your customers. Offering books to your customers is just one more resource you can provide to people as they learn more about the expansive beverage world. As with any accessory, it’s also a great way to bring extra income into your store. Although the books we offer are all hand-picked, we wanted to highlight a few for your attention.

For those looking to learn more about wine, Karen MacNeil’s Wine Bible is one of the most read guides for all things wine. We high recommend this book to anyone looking to discover everything wine has to offer.

If you’re looking to dive a little deeper into wine, Consider John Hudelson’s Wine Faults. This book will explain the problems and complications that can arise in wine.

Finally, have you ever planned a meal and then been unsure about your wine/beer pairing? What to Drink With What You Eat tackles the world of beverage pairing with ease, featuring over 300 pages of pairing advice.

Our books make great gifts while providing interested customers with more information about the beverages they love. Consider bringing in a title or two to your store.

Everything You Need for a Special Valentine’s Day

At True Fabrications, we strive to make your shopping experience easy, efficient and meaningful. This includes helping you stock your store with the perfect gifts, tools and accessories for holidays and special occasions. According to an article discussing the US Economy, in 2011, Valentine’s Day shoppers spent almost $15.7 billion on their loved ones and significant others.  Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, so stock up on some of our best-selling, red-themed products in preparation of cupid’s holiday.

True Fabrications Red Hearts Glitter Bag

The first must-have items are our selection of love-themed wine bags. Our red hearts glitter bag is sure to make an impression for anyone gifting a bottle of wine or champagne. For those with more of a classic taste, our heart paisley or juicy grapes bag is a sheer and simple way to merchandise any bottle. Our newest additions to our bag line are likely to make any fashionista swoon. Our line of designer purse wine bags have been fantastic sellers. They come in either a classic or bright set, and both have proven to be strong sellers.

As there is likely to be many of bottles of champagnes popped on the 14th, our best-selling champagne stopper  is a must-have.  If romance is in the air, our appropriately pink Dragonfly Corkscrew will serve as a cheerful and easy-to-use accessory for opening that Bordeaux bought specifically for the occasion.

True Fabrications Champagne Stopper

Finally, don’t forget to stock up on sweets. Our best-selling Brix Bites are the perfect chocolate for any wine lover. The milk chocolate pairs best with lighter reds and dessert wines while the extra dark pairs with the deepest reds. These items will make the shopping experience for your customers easy this Valentine’s Day. So, don’t miss out on sales possibilities from this lucrative, albeit, cheesy holiday.

What Are Those? Rocks? Glacier Rocks Demystified

As the True Fabrications catalog continues to expand, so does the breadth of our product variety. Of these products, the one item our sales staff fields frequent question about is our Glacier Rocks. Glacier Rocks arrived in the True Fabrications catalog during the middle of last summer. They have been one of the best selling products ever since. If you haven’t put a case of either the 6 stone or 9 stone sets in your store, you’re missing out.  For those who are not familiar with the product, we thought we would give you a little background on this best selling product.

One of the most common questions we receive is: “what are those cubes made of?” The answer: Soap stone from Finland. Why soapstone? Soapstone is a non-porous stone, meaning it won’t take on, or absorb any of the flavors from your drink. Because soapstone is non-porous, there is no need to put any kind of finish or sealant on the stone. So, the only thing you’re putting in your drink is a stone. The fact that soapstone can be natural without a finish makes it a popular stone for kitchen countertops.   

Another question we frequently receive is: “How do I use and maintain my glacier rocks?” To use your glacier rocks, simply put them in the freezer for 3-4 hours. Afterward, take them out and place them in the spirit of your choice. Be sure to not completely submerge the rocks in liquid as they are not going to chill a full glass the way an ice cube might. Fill your glass to a similar level as the image below. The rocks will chill your spirit without melting and diluting. When you’re finished, simply wash the Glacier Rocks in the sink and they are ready to be put back in the freezer. We recommend you refreeze your Glacier Rocks after you have finished your first drink as they will have a difficult time chilling a second round to the same temperature without being refrozen.

Finally, Glacier Rocks are not just for whiskey. Glacier Rocks are just as effective on other types of spirits as well. If you haven’t tried them out yet, we highly recommend putting a case in your store. The response has been overwhelming and we believe you will experience the same from your customers.

New & Saucy Wine Labels Hit the Shelves

Walking through a wine shop or a supermarket’s wine section, the labels and colors jump out at you like a kaleidoscope. From the colorful, to the minimal, to downright questionable taste, wine labels and winery names are the first point of contact between a bottle and a consumer. Amid the thousands of labels out there, how does a winery find a way to have their bottles purchased without the aid of an employee recommendation or a famous brand? The answer: the label.

For centuries, wine labels were simply informative. A name, a location, the contents and possibly a small design was all that was included. In the past 30 years, labels began to grow more bold and assertive. While many wines still stick to a more traditional label, other wines have taken on new names and label designs to try and set themselves apart on the shelves. Check out this article in the New York Times to see how a name change from Scherzinger Estates to Dirty Laundry Vineyards increased traffic to the winery tenfold or how Fat Bastard wines became one of the best selling lines of French wines in the United States.

The article also has a number of wine names that you have to visit the article in order to read.  Whether it’s appealing to a younger demographic or simply trying to catch consumers attention and set their brand apart, “saucy” wine labels have worked their way onto the shelves and into the grocery bags of many. We would love to get your thoughts on these colorful names. Do you or would you stock these labels in your store? Do you think these names are having a positive or negative effect on wine as a whole?

Whether it’s for girl’s night out, a humorous gift, or you were ensnared by the wine label’s character, bold labels have been successful and are probably here to stay. Wine with attitude has also translated over into wine accessories. If you’re looking for the perfect wine accessory to go with “saucy” labeled wine, check out our hand painted wine glasses and our beverage themed t-shirts. The market for these wines as well as the accessories is quite large. Are you doing what you can to optimize your sales and capture this business?

Wine Girl Painted Wine Glass by True Fabrications

How to Pair Wine & Chocolate

True Fabrications believes that wine and food go together hand in hand. The right wine with a meal can make the dining experience that much better. But what about wine and chocolate? Commonly paired together, wine and chocolate are thought by many to be a perfect combination. However, this is not always true. The wrong wine with the wrong chocolate can make for a very unpleasant experience.
To keep this from happening, consider the following when pairing these two foods. First, be selective with the chocolate you are choosing to go with your wine. While sweet milk chocolate is great by itself, the high sugar content has a habit of masking the sugars in certain wines and making them taste lifeless or even worse, astringent and harsh. According to , the selected chocolate should never be sweeter than the wine it is being paired with. To keep this from happening, select a chocolate with a very high cacao percentage. This will help prevent your chocolate from being too sugary. Try our Brix Medium Dark, and Brix Extra Dark, with 60% and 70% cacao respectively. If you’re looking for an easy add on for wine sold in your store, the In Vino Veritas Bottle Neckers feature chocolate in the 64% and 71% cacao range and fit conveniently around the neck of a bottle.

In Vino Veritas Chocolate Neckers by True Fabrications

To choose the right wine, ask a professional who can provide a selection that has good balance. A wine that has a balance of sugar, acid and fruit will be perfect for chocolate. Wines like grenache, merlot and port all go well with chocolate. But, just because one wine goes well with a certain chocolate, does not mean it will pair well with another. Each wine and chocolate will pair differently. Wine and chocolate can be a very enjoyable experience. However, we would encourage you to pair wisely to get the most out of both your wine and the chocolate.

Wine Gifts for All Occasions

With a catalog of more than 800 products, True Fabrications offers great gifts for all occasions. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers, bridal shower gifts, or a birthday present for that hard to shop for uncle of yours, we have everything your store needs. Having a successful accessory section is a great way to make extra money in your store. With the positive news about this year’s holiday sales numbers, there is no time like the present to offer your customers a line of wine and bar accessories.

Creating a gift section and recommending products to accompany your customer’s purchases is a quick and easy up-sell. For example, consider the following products, to make sure your store is ready with gifts for all occasions.

Wine shops are excellent at recommending the right wine with the right food. If you can learn to pare the right accessory with the right wine, you can see your sales increase with each customer. Figure out why your customers are looking for a specific bottle and recommend the best accessory to go with it. For the bachelorette or girl’s night out, see our hand painted wine glasses. If someone buys a bottle of champagne, always recommend our best selling champagne stopper. This product is great around the holidays, thanks to Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  If someone comes in to buy a nice bottle of whiskey as a gift, suggest that they buy our glacier rocks to turn the gift into something even better.

Glacier Rocks Set by True Fabrications

Making recommendations such as these are a quick and easy way to boost your store’s revenue. Whether it’s having a quality, well priced corkscrew near the register, or a section devoted to gifts where you can recommend the right gift for the right wine, providing your customers with great gift ideas of all types is a necessity for every store.

Making a Case: The Top-10 Best Wine Gifts

With the holidays quickly approaching, customers are always asking what they should be bringing into their stores for gifts. As True Fabrications continues to grow, we are continuing to add to our already diverse holiday wine accessories and product line. With new items almost every month, you’re sure to find a gift for your store. We decided to compile a list of the Top-10 gift items for 2011:

Glacier Rocks Set by True Fabrications

1. The first item on the list is our Glacier Rocks. A new product as of this past summer, Glacier Rocks are made of non-porous soapstone from Finland. Simply put Glacier Rocks in the freezer for 3 to 4 hours and then put three 3 rocks in the spirit of your choice. Glacier rocks will chill your spirit without diluted like traditional ice cubes. These are perfect for any spirit drinker.

2. Next on the list are our Cork Holders.  Whether you prefer a wall hanging cork holder or one that is free standing for a countertop or table, these are a great way to collect memorable corks and use them for decoration around the house.

Aerator Pour Spout by True Fabrications

3. Aerators have been one of the best selling wine accessories over the last four years. Designed to speed up the oxidization process, aerators make a great gift for any wine drinker. We have aerators of all different shapes and sizes. If you sell wine and you are not carrying at least one type of aerator, you are missing out on a great opportunity to turn extra profits.

4. Our Rechargeable Corkscrew is new to our product line and great for the wine lover who enjoys electronic gadgets. After charging, the rechargeable corkscrew easily removes corks from any bottle. This is a great gift for those who have a hard time with manual corkscrews as well.

5. Fifth on the list is our slate cheeseboard. This cheeseboard makes a great gift and comes with soapstone chalk to label the type of cheese. Once you are done, simply wash the name of the cheese off in sink when you clean the board.

Duck Decanter by True Fabrications

6. New to our decanter line, the Duck Decanter’s angular shape and sturdy glass handle make it very eye catching and a nice departure from the traditional decanter shape. A decanter is a must have accessory for any drinker of red wine.

6. The Mr. Beer Kit is the perfect gift for any beer drinker. Mr. Beer is home brewing made easy. The kit comes with premixed ingredients and enough bottles for a batch of beer. While Mr. Beer only comes with one mix to start, we also have variety packs that feature 3 different styles of beer for the Mr. Beer kit.

7. For those who like carbonated beverages, the Twist ‘n’ Sparkle carbonation system is an excellent gift. With an easy twist of the top, the Twist ‘n’ sparkle can carbonate, water, juice, wine or other non-carbonated beverages of your choosing. The Twist ‘n’ Sparkle is also smaller and less expensive than similar products on the market, making it a perfect gift for the holidays.

8. Whether it’s for a birthday party, a bachelorette party, or any other excuse to celebrate, our hand painted wine glasses make the perfect gift for bridesmaids, bachelorettes, birthday girls or any anyone else celebrating a special occasion.

Fruit Basket Wine Charms by True Fabrications

9. Wine charms have been an incredibly popular wine accessory for quite some time. Because of their success, we continue to add new designs each year. Whether you are looking for something casual like our beer cap charms, or something more formal, we have wine charms for any and all occasions. We also have quite a few holiday charms as well. These wine glass identification accessories make great stocking stuffers.

10. Last but certainly not least, our candle products make great gifts. Whether you’re looking for something for the patio like our Hanging Bottle Candle Holders, or our best selling candelabra that rests in the top of an empty wine bottle of your choice, our candle products make for great gifts this time of year.

While this is not an exhaustive list of gifts, we wanted to highlight a number of reliable best sellers and new arrivals that we believe make great gifts for the holiday season.

How the Right Glassware Can Make Wine Shine

Out of all the wine products on the market, the one that might make the biggest difference in one’s encounter with a wine is the glass. To the untrained eye, stemware might appear to be randomly sized and shaped. However, each glass is designed with a purpose and specific style of wine in mind. Matching the proper glassware to a specific wine is crucial to enjoy a wine to its fullest potential.

Champagne Glass | True Fabrications

For example, why are champagne/sparkling wine glasses long and narrow?  Champagne flutes are designed with a narrow shape to lock in as much of the carbonation as possible. A wider glass would allow the signature bubbles to escape faster.

The stemware used for both white and red wines looks similar. However, upon closer examination, you will notice that white wine glasses tend to be narrower and smaller in general. The reason white wine glasses are often smaller is to prevent oxidization. A smaller glass means less wine exposed to the air, ultimately preserving the delicate flavors in a white wine.

Red Wine Glass | True Fabrications

While oxidization is prevented with a small white wine glass, red wine glasses are often designed to do the exact opposite. If you have ever heard someone say “they’re waiting for a wine to open up,” or that a specific wine “needs to breathe a bit,” you’ve probably heard someone waiting  for the oxidization to bring out flavors and characteristic in red wine that are often not present when a bottle is first opened. To help this process along, the larger bowl of most red wine glasses allows for maximum wine to air contact.

While there are sub categories of each type of glass, this overview has hopefully highlighted the benefits proper glassware can have on a wine and why it is important to make sure you pair your wines with the right glass.

Wine Bags and Wine Tubes: How Basic Winery Accessories Add Value to Your Retail Store

Every year, True Fabrications continues to add more products to its line-up of the finest consumer and wholesale winery accessories on the market. As our offerings continue to grow, we would like to remind people that we originally started out as a wine bag company. With each new season, our catalog of products has become larger and more diverse, ultimately providing more products for our customers. However, our best selling and foundational products are still our wine bags and wine tubes.

Purple Angled Wine Bag | True Fabrications

Commonly, we get customers that ask us what exactly IS a wine tube? Round instead of square, the classic wine tube goes beyond the ordinary wine gift box with its sleek and stylish design. They are a great way to gift wine because they are both reusable and decorative. Similarly, wine bags come in every color, pattern and material to match your occasion. From chic to cheeky, you can be sure to carry your vino in style with the perfect wine bag in tow.

For stores that are considering investing in wine accessories, we offer a very extensive line up. However, if you are feeling a little apprehensive about investing your money in new products, consider wine bags and wine tubes.  Because they are inexpensive and easy to up-sell as a gift (especially around the holidays), wine bags and wine tubes are a great way to bring in extra revenue for your store. While most bottles of wine will only yield a 30% mark up, (spend $7, sell for $10, make $3), wine bags, wine tubes and other accessories can easily be sold at a 100% mark up, spend a dollar, sell for two, make one.

Assorted Holiday Wine Tubes | True Fabrications

We recommend a 100% mark up on all of our products regardless of price. By doing this, our more expensive products are just as rewarding to sell as our inexpensive ones. However, for those who are just starting a new store, or those who have been in business for years but are apprehensive to bring in accessories, consider wine bags and wine tubes as a low risk investment to test the waters and see the rewards investing in wine accessories can provide for your store. With the holidays just around the corner, this is the best time of year to add accessories to your store.