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Organic Food Sales and Wine

We searched for a while to find hard data on organic wine sales but it was difficult to find. There is no doubt organic food sales are continuing to increase as people become more conscious of the environmental impact of food production (have you read “In Defense of Food”?) and what they put into their bodies. We assume the trend is similar with organic wine but we don’t see much of it out there on the shelves. Organic wine has a wonderful story behind it as well in terms of how it’s grown and what makes it different.

But of course, the biggest question is: Does it taste good and can you taste the difference? At your next tasting, play the game with your customers to see if they can taste the difference between wines with and without pesticides.

The article below explains how in Australia organic wine sales are up. What’s interesting to note about the organic movement is that it hasn’t quite caught on as much as natural foods. The big companies haven’t gotten into it yet and so there are a lot of wonderful smaller producers out there. Prices for organic wine are bound to go down making it more accessible. But perhaps we can start making it accessible by having a few bottles for people to try out and see if they can taste the difference.

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The Ambiance of Oak Barrels

We found this short article quite interesting since we love discovering the history of products and people. Finding exactly what country and vineyard specific grapes were grown is always a fun way to try to identify wines. So it seems equally exciting to figure out where all the oak barrels we age wine in come from as well? What forest and what country? For those of you interested, we’ll try to hunt down the complete report and send it out as well!

And this reminded us that people love wood barrels! When going out to wineries, often the most amazing sight is the stacks of oak barrels patiently aging wine. The smell of the oak, the texture, and the ambiance of the barrel is an important part of the culture and image of wine. That is why when walking into a wine store, we think its important to recreate some of that ambiance by having hints of the process of wine production. You can always have a few barrels laying around to use as shelves and displays. They add an important feel to your store! In case your looking, we carry a whole line of recycled wine barrel products for you to use as display pieces and to sell. We don’t know what forest they come from, but we do know they were used in Napa to age wine for years and still have the smell of wine as if they were still in the cellar!