Bring Your Customers Back for More

A few weeks ago, we spoke a little about how much we love corks. The article of the week today shows how a store offers a cork recylce program that allows customers to bring back corks that in turn helps the environment and generates funds for the local community.
What is equally important here about this cork recylce program is that it offers a great opportunity for a retailer to bring customers back to their stores. We all know how important foot traffic is in a retail environment and special events, promotions, and clever marketing ideas are a great way to increase revenue by increasing foot traffic.

Over the years, we have heard many brilliant ideas that connect your customers back to your stores. Have you ever thought of ways to bring customers back after purchasing a product? For instance, one customer from years back used to use sports as a way to bring customers back in. During March Madness, he would set up brackets for his customers to come by to fill out, offering the winner a free bottle of wine. Do you have customers that like to create art projects with wine bottles or corks? Have a day where they can all come and show them off in your stores. One of the best ideas we heard of was during Earth Day, a retailer offered to donate 5% of revenues to an environmental cause that his customers voted for prior to the event. Once you talk to your customers, you can get a sense of what makes them unique and generate a marketing campaign around that. Your retail store can serve not only as a great place to purchase wine, but to bring the community together for causes they care about or just to have a good time.


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