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Rose Wines Growing in Popularity

So there are many articles going around about how popular Rose Wines are becoming. The thing Rose does so well when advertised and pictures is how it builds the ambiance around it. The imagery of drinking a cool rosé wine on a warm summer day by the sea is something we can’t escape. It gets us all wanting to leave work, make a picnic, grab a bottle of wine and enjoy it on a blanket strewn out over a nice grassy knoll by the water.

If words can do that much, just imagine what an inspiring summer scene might do for your store. They say pictures speak a 1000 words so imagine a display in your store! Put together a section of your store that evokes warm weather, picnics, and cool bottles of wine to go with it. It’s powerful imagery and gets consumers into the mood to celebrate the warm weather without forgetting their wine. That cool and refreshing wine. Beer has generally done a pretty good job of setting the tone during those big holidays or sporting events. We can do the same with wine!


True Fabrications

And don’t forget, when people leave with a cold bottle, they’ll need some neoprene or insulated totes on their picnics to keep it cool!

The Ambiance of Oak Barrels

We found this short article quite interesting since we love discovering the history of products and people. Finding exactly what country and vineyard specific grapes were grown is always a fun way to try to identify wines. So it seems equally exciting to figure out where all the oak barrels we age wine in come from as well? What forest and what country? For those of you interested, we’ll try to hunt down the complete report and send it out as well!

And this reminded us that people love wood barrels! When going out to wineries, often the most amazing sight is the stacks of oak barrels patiently aging wine. The smell of the oak, the texture, and the ambiance of the barrel is an important part of the culture and image of wine. That is why when walking into a wine store, we think its important to recreate some of that ambiance by having hints of the process of wine production. You can always have a few barrels laying around to use as shelves and displays. They add an important feel to your store! In case your looking, we carry a whole line of recycled wine barrel products for you to use as display pieces and to sell. We don’t know what forest they come from, but we do know they were used in Napa to age wine for years and still have the smell of wine as if they were still in the cellar!

Create Your Own Wine Rating System

If you haven’t heard yet, you will. Wine critic Robert Parker is catching some heat for alleged violations that his writers accepted gifts and trips while tasting and rating wine.

The implications are large and we’re sure the debate is bigger than just Parker. We’ve been debating this around the office and would love to hear your thoughts.

Do you think someone should have that much power to make or break a wine? Why aren’t rating systems standardized? Do you think anyone with all the information in the world at their finger tips still pay attention to Parker and the like? Can you really rate something so personal?

The article above gave us pause when it came to putting so much value in one person to provide the ratings for a given wine. Wine in such a personal product that depends on the food you eat, your palate, your mood, the weather, etc. That’s why we’re big advocates of you, as a wine salesperson, providing your own rating systems. Give your customers a more unique way of “rating” wine instead of just the general scores anyone can Google quickly. You know your customers, you know the food they typically eat and the local favorites in restaurants and cuisine. Share a few tips with your customer to help them figure out the complexity of wine — maybe tell them about a recent restaurant experience of yours: what you ate, and how a particular wine complemented it.

There are so many different ways to rate wine, so as a wine steward create your own “system” and share it with your customers.